Calculation of profits from your Cryptoinvestments


How I can help you to keep track of your Crypto Trading Performance

Comprehensive Analysis

The core of my service is the calculation of your realized profits from your crypto trading activity for all major exchanges. I generate a consistent trading history with your achieved profits by using trading reports from exchanges. This way, you can track your trading performance and holdings to report for taxes. Standard, margin, future trades and all fees are included in this trading history. The profits for margin and futures trading are calculated separately, but the resulting portfolio changes are also included in the trading history to obtain precise results.

Personalized Services

For calculating profits, I apply the widely-accepted FIFO- & LIFO-type methods but also offer personalized types of profit calculations that are not captured by these standard methods. Since my software is flexible and adaptable, any other form of method can be incorporated and customized to suit your requirements. Also, I offer to repair incomplete trading histories to retrieve consistent trading records. If you have special demands for your calculations, just contact me and we will find a personalized solution for you!


If you have a specific problem with your trading history, general questions or feedback, you can always contact me. In case of urgent problems (e.g. deadlines for reporting), I will respond as soon as possible - do not hesitate to contact me!


  • Basic
  • Widely used Exchanges
    Kraken, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, Evolve Markets, GDAX, Gemini, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Bitmex, Bitflyer
    (more exchanges can be implemented on demand without additional costs!)
  • Unlimited Number of Exchanges
  • Unlimited Number of non-margin Trades
  • Fast & Constant Support
  • 1400 €

    per Trading History per Year
  • Additionals
  • Integration of other major Exchanges required for your Trading History
    (non-margin trades)

  • Integration of Margin and Futures Trading Histories
    Contact for Cost Estimate
  • Bridging Gaps in your Trading History
    Contact for Cost Estimate
  • Analysis & Visualizations of your Trading Performance
    Contact for Cost Estimate
  • Customized Profit Methodologies beyond FIFO & LIFO
    Contact for Cost Estimate
  • Other Features
    Contact me for Personalized Solutions & Cost Estimate

About Me

Ilja von Hoessle

Founder & Data Scientist & Software Engineer

I found interest in researching blockchain assets in 2016. At that time I was studying stochastic dynamics in neural networks as a PhD student for neurophysics at the Kirchhoff-Institute for Physics in Heidelberg, Germany. After finishing my PhD in 2017, I focused on digital currencies. For my crypto related tax report I have looked for automatized solutions to calculate my profits, but was not satisfied with the solutions I found. I have decided to develop a calculation software myself to calculate taxes from trading crypto assets. In particular, I found ways to include margin and futures trades into a consistent trading history, which is not implemented in other existing solutions. On reddit I realized that I was not the only one unhappy with the commonly used services. This is why I started to offer personalized solutions for crypto related tax calculations.



Let's get in touch!


Ilja von Hoessle

Frequently Asked Questions

Which data do you need for the calculations?

I need the trading reports which are provided by the exchanges, usually provided in the CSV or XLSX format. The exact type of trading report differs from exchange to exchange and I will tell you exactly which report I need from your exchange. You do not need to modify the files before sending it to me. My software does this automatically.

Which data will I receive as a result?

You will receive several CSV files which document profits from your trading activities. First of all, you will receive an overview of your achieved profits and your holdings. This includes profit entries from all your standard trades and all changes to your portfolio. If you have performed margin and/or futures trading, you will receive additional CSV files which list your profits from every margin trade, for each exchange seperately. Portfolio changes caused by margin trades and fees (standard, rollover, settlement, etc.) are also included in your trading history and holdings. Each CSV file is well-documented and every profit entry can be traced back to the trading data that you provide.

What if I have made margin profits in form of BTC and invested this profit into other crypto? Is this included correctly?

If your margin profits are gained as Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies) and immediately reinvested into other digital assets, my software automatically tracks this in your trading history. This also includes any form of settlement/claiming from margin positions (for example from Kraken and Bitfinex). No trade is lost and every type of margin result is recorded in your trading history and reflected in your crypto holdings!

How secure is my data and personal information in your hands?

I take privacy and security concerns very seriously. I do not give any information about my clients to a third party and never will. Your data is not uploaded anywhere and the used system is professionally secured. Upon request, the data transmission with my clients will be performed using PGP end-to-end encryption. If you have more concerns related to your privacy and security and request further measures, I will accommodate your requirements.

Do you also include all trading fees, including settlement fees?

Yes, I include every possible type of fee that is deducted from your exchange. If it is recorded on the trading report, it is implemented in my calculations. If a fee is not recorded but still deducted, I will implement it for free.

Which fiat currencies do you support in your calculations?

Currently I support USD, EUR and JPY. Other currencies (GBP, CAD, etc.) will be implemented on demand. For every trade, I translate prices into your preferred fiat currency, so each trade is evaluated in your fiat currency. Trades where you use ETH or BTC ratios as prices are converted accordingly to the fiat price.

Do you accept cryptocurrencies as payment?

Yes, I accept many cryptocurrencies as payment. I prefer BTC, ETH, BCH, XMR, ZEC, QTUM. If you have other currencies in mind, we can find a solution.


Ilja von Hoessle

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